Rent Justice

Together, we will push the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) to use data and reason to pass more equitable and pro-tenant rent adjustments.

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Rent Justice Coalition

A coalition of community groups, we are part of that is fighting for tenants & demanding a rent rollback from the Rent Guidelines Board!

We fought for and won historic rent freezes for 1-year leases for each of the past two years!

Who We Are

We are a group of legal services, organizing, advocacy, and tenant’s groups that join together to push the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) to use data and reason to pass more equitable and pro-tenant rent adjustments.

Why We Fight

Our fight against the RGB helps protect the rents, homes, and lives of over 2 million New Yorkers living in an estimated 1 million rent-stabilized apartments.

The RGB is a government oversight board appointed by the mayor that annually determines the allowable rent increases or decreases for rent-stabilized tenants. Therefore, by voicing our concerns and demands to the RGB, we can achieve real results for tenants all over New York City.

Historically, the RGB has been favorable to landlords in their price adjustments, especially under former Mayor Bloomberg, and even during and after the 2008 housing crash. Therefore, given the RGB’s unfair treatment of tenants, and that 56% of NYC tenants are rent-burdened (meaning they pay over ⅓ of their income on rent and utilities), the RJC fights for RENT ROLLBACKS!

How YOU can join our fight?

The RGB begins the process by analyzing renter income and owner expenses EACH JUNE throughout the boroughs of New York City.

As a rent-stabilized tenant, it is YOUR RIGHT to attend, listen, and provide a 2-minute testimony to the RGB members at these hearings, and to attend the public final vote held by the RGB.

To help win lasting results for tenants across the city, we SUPPORT TENANTS in providing their public testimonies by going over their written testimony, providing advice for their statement, and offering public support for their voice by attending the RGB hearings. 

Lastly, we encourage you to ORGANIZE with us! By organizing with us, we can make sure that yours and every other tenant’s stories and concerns are heard by city council members, tenant advocacy organizations, and other tenants! 

Testimony from 2016 hearings:

Twitter: @RentJustice