COVID-19 & Tenants’ Rights

A lot is unknown, a lot is changing every day – we know that we will get through this crisis by coming together. We are determined, as always, to make sure that the tenants of New York will not be hurt by their landlords.

VICTORY! Governor Cuomo and Chief Justice Marks listened to the tenant movement’s demands for an eviction moratorium:

  • As of 5 PM today, March 16 all eviction proceedings and pending eviction orders shall be suspended statewide until further notice. 
  • No marshal’s notices can be carried out
  • Courts will remain open for emergency repair cases, illegal lockouts, and post-eviction cases

This is STATEWIDE and for all types of housing.

In addition, all vouchers set to renew during this crisis will be atomically renewed.

Landlords can still bring new cases. If you do get court papers, please call 883-503-0447 if you’re upstate and 212-962-4795 if you’re in NYC.  If you’re in NYC, you may be able to get legal support.

This is a start. We also need to forgiving rent and mortgage debt accumulated during this period will help keep New Yorkers in their homes and stabilize our economy and our state. Now is the time to create permanent housing for homeless New Yorkers. Sign here to continue the fight.