Rockland RGB Freezes Rents; Westchester, Nassau Raise Them

Rent-stabilized tenants in Rockland County will see a rent freeze in the coming year, but those in Westchester and Nassau counties will face increases when they renew their leases after Oct. 1. 

The Rockland Rent Guidelines Board approved the freeze at its June 20 meeting because no landlords had showed up to argue for a rent increase, board chair Patricia Caldwell told the Rockland/Westchester Journal-News. The freeze covers about 2,500 apartments, most of them in Spring Valley. 

In Westchester, where there are about 25,000 rent-stabilized apartments, the county RGB voted unanimously June 19 to allow increases of up to 2 percent for one-year lease renewals and 3 percent for two-year leases, twice what it allowed last year. Tenants who have to pay for their own heat or hot water will see slightly lower increases, 1.6 percent for one year and 2.4 percent for two years, RGB chair Elsa Rubin told the Journal-News. 

The proposal was sponsored by the board’s tenant representatives, who accepted an increase to cover the rising cost of apartment maintenance, the Rev. Emma Jean Loftin-Woods, one of the two, told the Journal-News. Landlords had wanted to be able to raise rents by 3.5 percent for one year and 6 percent for two years. 

The Nassau RGB voted June 25 to allow rent increases of 1 percent for one year and 2 percent for two years. It covers about 9,000 apartments.