Rudy Rakes In Real-Estate Bucks

Twenty-one months before he must face the voters, Mayor Rudy Giuliani has already raised $4.6 million for his re-election campaign_mainly from real-estate and other business bigwigs, the New York Times reported Feb. 11.Prominent among his contributors besides landlords were law firms, local businesses, construction contractors, and public-relations firms, according to records obtained by the Times from the city Campaign Finance Board. Many of them have business dealings with the city government.

Among the Mayor’s more notorious donors was Donald Trump, who gave $7,000. Leaders of the Rent Stabilization Association chipped in the $7,700 maximum city campaign-finance law allows single donors to give, as did real-estate magnate Jack Rudin, Grand Central Partnership chair Peter Malkin, and developer Millennium Partners. Gregory Rigas, head of a Bronx construction company suspended from doing work on city schools because of “integrity problems,” gave Giuliani $23,000 in donations from his company and associates.

Landlord Sam Domb was the Mayor’s top fund-raiser, collecting nearly $80,000 in “bundled” contributions. Domb is trying to convert a single-room occupancy hotel to a tourist hotel, and is negotiating with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to settle a $900,000 debt he owes the city on the hotel. The city has placed a lien on the property.