MBR Lawsuit Submitted

The landlord coalition attempting to block the three percent Maximum Base Rent increase for 1996-97, the lowest MBR increase in history, submitted its lawsuit in State Supreme Court in Albany on March 29. The court will issue a decision on the basis of the papers filed in the proceeding.Last month, Met Council’s Tenant/Inquilino reported that various landlord organizations had banded together to challenge the low MBR, and had done so surreptitiously in Albany, rather than in New York City where all the rent-controlled tenants live. As of this writing, Tenant/Inquilino has not seen the papers that the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal filed in response to the suit and is unable to report on how strongly DHCR is defending their position.

In the next month, Met Council will attempt to gain access to the DHCR papers and also respond to the many tenants who requested our material on the MBR lawsuit.