SD 12 Queens (Astoria-Sunnyside-Ridgewood)

Michael Gianaris, incumbent—Democrat, Working Families

What is your position on rent regulation, what work have you done in the past to further that position, and if elected, what would you do in 2019?

I am a big supporter of strengthening rent regulations and removing many of the ways apartments can be removed from regulation, such as vacancy decontrol.

What do you believe is the biggest issue facing the New York City Housing Authority, and how would you address it?

NYCHA suffers from both lack of resources and poor management. We need to increase funding and ensure that its money is spent more wisely to benefit residents.

Do you believe that there is a need for more affordable housing in New York, and if so, what would you do to meet that need?

There is no doubt that New York suffers from a lack of affordable housing and that more aggressive efforts must be taken. I am the prime sponsor of legislation to better calculate AMI and to dramatically reform the MCI process.

What would you do to address the homelessness in New York State?

I support aggressive efforts to find more permanent housing for the homeless and thereby decrease reliance on the shelter system.

What is your position regarding campaign-finance reform?  

I authored legislation to dramatically reduce campaign-finance limits, and sponsored other proposals to establish reforms, including publicly financed campaigns.