Rent Strike

If you are going on rent strike text: “Rent Strike” to 646-542-1920

What If the Governor doesn’t #CancelRent? It’s important to know the risks of a rent strike and to be prepared to be taken to housing court once the eviction moratorium ends:

1. Set aside rent money if possible. Being able to pay all the rent due at the end of a court proceeding is the only sure way to avoid eviction. Even being able to pay some it can result in a settlement that allows you to remain in your home

2. When you receive a letter from the court for a nonpayment case, call our Tenant Rights Hotline: 212-979-0611. You may qualify for free legal help, depending on your income and zip code.

3. It is extremely important to show up for all court dates.

4. If you are sued for not paying rent, it could hurt your ability to find another apartment. While it is no longer legal for landlords to discriminate against a person who was previously taken to court, we know they still do. (This is commonly known as the “tenant blacklist.”)

5. If you owe money at the end of the case, it can hurt your credit score.

6. If you are not living in a rent-stabilized apartment, your risks are greater. The landlord has the right to terminate your lease when it expires. That’s why we are fighting for “good cause” eviction legislation in Albany!

7. REMEMBER: ONLY A CITY MARSHAL CAN EVICT YOU, AND ONLY AFTER A JUDGE GRANTS THE LANDLORD A JUDGMENT OF POSSESSION. It is illegal for landlords to change the locks or evict you by other means.